designed and developed by
experienced retail professionals
Tlantic WFM
the right person, in the right place at the right time!

Having the right number of employees, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time is critical in delivering superior customer service, managing costs and boosting your staff motivation. Designed and developed by experienced retail professionals, tlantic workforce management suite (WFM) optimises employee's schedules at the same time that increases customer quality service.

By providing the right working environment and contributing to organisational alignment, WFM reduces unnecessary management stress and operational costs. It promotes employees'performance and wellbeing.

Specially created to perform planning and execution tasks, WFM delivers advanced personnel management tools while respecting the corporate policy and legal regulations.
Based on smart and adaptable algorithms, the WFM suite is able to foresee needs and generate work schedules based on sales history and forecast, customer flow and planned activity.

Designed to assist in the planning of work schedules and activities, it controls the execution of operating tasks, reacts to unforeseen circumstances and manages time and attendance in a more efficient way.

With a service-oriented architecture WFM brings together information from multiple sources and easily integrates with your business systems.
Tlantic WFM has the needed business intelligence to improve store efficiency, reducing costs and optimising resources. It allows you to save time and effort by having more accurate labour data.

  • Simple and intuitive graphic interface
  • Scalable and evolutionary architecture
  • Open Suite that easily integrates with the existing systems (HR, ERP, DW, time and attendance control, others)
  • Modular solution that allows differentiated implementation (Planning and Execution)
  • APIs compliant with major software manufacturers

Facilite a interação com o cliente em qualquer momento, em qualquer lugar!

  • Acesse a informação detalhada dos produtos, dentro e fora da loja
  • Acesse a cupões digitais e listas de compra
  • Melhor experiência de compra
  • + Fidelização

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Business Intelligence
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Analytics - Supports decision making through access to reports, alerts and operational KPI dashboards. Allows an effective communication between managers, employees and official entities.
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Calculated by using an algorithm that considers sales history and forecast, planned activities, productivity and minimum level of resources required for each activity.
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Based on existing work contracts, employee skills and preferences, the company work policy and in full compliance with labour laws.
work schedules
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Automatic schedules generation is based on:
  • Compliance with labour laws and business constraints
  • Employees'working contracts, skills and preferences
  • Company labour policy and operational objectives

Exceptions such as unscheduled absences and changes in work contracts are managed by scenario generation reaction: management by exception.
Management of
operational tasks
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Controls and rationalizes planned activities execution.
Easily integrates with the Mobile Task Manager.
Work schedules and
time and attendance
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Conciliation between schedules and the employee work hours.
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Support payroll calculation by measuring the real employee occupation.
Allows to integrate employee payroll with HR.
Tlantic WFM
The right person, in the right place at the right time!


"Tlantic WFM is an essential support for planning the store activity. It guarantees the right person to serve each one of our customers at each moment. It also helps us to facilitate the management of interests between the company and the employee.
The evidence of its importance to Sonae lies in the fact that it is daily used by over 2,000 supervisors, and it has reduced payment waiting lines by up to 35%. It has lowered the labour costs by up to 10%."

José Pedro Anacoreta Correia
Director of Planning and Time Management
"The WFM prepares work schedules according to the customer flow and sales forecast, making it possible to respect the employee’s availability, skills and preferences while in total compliance with labour regulations.
The drawn up work schedules allow for a closer and more effective treatment of the employee work hours, improving the service level and reducing unnecessary work. For e.g. by reducing supervisors time in processing employees work times.
It also allows the central team to control and manage the work schedules at any unit."

Ana Maria Rei
Head of Time and Attendance Management
"It’s like a management cockpit that makes it possible to correctly establish the team size, while at the same time, provides an effective management of the day-to-day operations."

HR Manager
EHI Retail Institute IDC Analyze the Future World Retail Awards - Top 5 Finalist 2012
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