Customer FAQ

On which mobile devices can I have the app?
Customer is available on several mobile platforms. The app runs on smartphones using the 3 main operating systems (IOS, Android and Windows Phone). Customer was developed using the most recent responsive design technology: The app has been developed in order to allow its elements to automatically adjust to the screen width, as well as the mobile devices orientation.

Is it possible to integrate with any customer loyalty system (CRM)?
Customer is a corporate app that's part of a platform (Mobile Retail Suite), which is able to communicate with any external system. Through this platform, we are always able to adjust to client’s needs and existing systems.

Can the customer see the several stores nearby on a map and get directions to go there?
Yes, as long as there’s an internet connection with active GPS.

What additional developments can be created for the App in order to create, for example, small games and prizes?
Yes, it’s possible to develop according to needs, since the app is modular and easily customizable, maintaining all the original functions.

Is Customer compatible with any POS system and e-commerce sites?
Yes, since this is an open platform, we can always integrate with any external system. There are already connectors developed for clients, which can be your case.

Can the app be used offline?
Yes, it can, because our development methods force us to consider all real connectivity scenarios at the store, or anywhere else.

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