InStore FAQ

Which mobile devices run the app?
Currently, InStore is available for Windows mobile platforms, but is also compatible with iOS and Android.

Is InStore compatible with my company’s ERP?
The Mobile Retail Suite(TM) architecture where InStore "resides" allows for the integration between several Apps and any backend systems, such as ERP, inventory management systems, e-commerce, customer management and loyalty, etc. Integration processes are configured according to the specificities of the system to integrate and integration protocols (real time – batch services or model) in use on the retailer’s systems architecture.

How does InStore effectively improve efficiency in customer service?
InStore allows the store operators team online access to privileged information in situ. This allows for a greater efficiency in customer support, avoiding any interruptions or absences in search of the necessary information to respond to the questions addressed by the customer.

Does InStore allow for improving internal processes execution and the productivity of my store team?
InStore allows for generating individual tasks, which allows for greater precision in internal processes management and to ensure store operators the execution of several operations in a quicker manner, decreasing displacements within the store. Through features that allow for following the execution and completion of several tasks, we ensure access to a "knowledge base" that is constantly updated and allows for continuously improving the store operations.

How does InStore respond to location requirements?
The app is multi-language and allows for configuring legislation and local currency.

Which is the store’s communications infra-structure’s app dependency?
The app depends on accessing the central systems only in specific moments of the operation. The app allows for asynchronous operation (offline), ensuring the use autonomy and high performance levels facing the actual connection availability at the stores.

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