Should I choose a POS SW specific for my activity, or does UNIFO adjust to any market? What’s the UNIFO target market?
UniFO allows the Retailer operating in different types of market to have only one store front SW, boosting synergies between the several businesses, simultaneously safeguarding each business’ specificities. UNIFO is multi-insignia, adjustable to any business dimension.

Should I buy the HW first or only after choosing the SW? What’s the UNIFO compatible with? Is there a list of compatible or recommended equipment?
UniFO was developed to support inherited HW and currently supports over twenty different models/configurations of the major HW sellers (Wincor, IBM/Toshiba, Fujitsu, Itautec)

What are UNIFO's truly distinguishable features facing other POS systems that will allow me to improve efficiency?
UniFO was developed with the main purpose of allowing retailers to optimize their operations, regardless of the number of stores, business models, stores dimension and number. UniFO has a set of tools and features that allow the store to manage by exception, maintaining all the necessary thoroughness. It also allows for an easy integration with partners/external systems for quickly rendering complementary services to the end client.

All my checkout operators have a large turnover. Is the UNIFO training simple? How is it supported?
The operations made in UniFO are simple and configurable according to the type of business involved. Training can be made in a room or directly on the POS for a greater proximity with the daily reality.

How can I watch a UNIFO demo?
For the time being, it’s not possible to have an online Demo, so to watch a demo, you must go to tlantic’s facilities. There’s also the possibility to visit a customer with our system in use, or even run the Demo at a potential client’s facilities.

How does UNIFO integrate with customer loyalty, ERP or CRM systems?
Currently, UNIFO implements different integration mechanisms with external systems, from ISO, XML protocols or proprietary protocols defined by external systems. UNIFO’s architecture allows for an easy way to implement other integration mechanisms as may be necessary.

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