The Everywhere Store 2018 - “Bonding, not Branding”. How to build a retail brand in the new digital economy

Just one day before of what is considered the largest retail fair in the world, Tlantic, a technology company for stores that emerged from the Sonae universe, held "The Everywhere Store" (TES), joining retailers and other sectors, around the motto "Creating Worlds of Experience".


The Everywhere Store 2018: physical store still beats e-commerce

Consumers who visit stores buy more than those who only consume online. The physical store debated at The Everywhere Store 2018.


The Everywhere Store 2018: physical store still beats e-commerce

Check out the key findings from The Everywhere Store, a retail conference organized by Tlantic in New York, to discuss the industry trends


“The Everyhwere Store” - Tlantic's Conference in New York

"Creating Worlds of Experience" is the motto of the 2018 edition, including experts from areas ranging from virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to e-commerce payment services, in-store technology, among others.


Sánchez Romero at The Everywhere Store 2018

Enric Ezquerra, Executive President of Sánchez Romero Supermarkets, presents new business model of the spanish retailer

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