Tlantic helps Retailers preventing losses

Piece of a Brazilian magazine focus on technological solutions for operational fails in retail and the valorization of individuals to prevent losses and improve costumer experience


More efficiency on shleves restocking

Companhia Sulamericana de Distribuição chooses Tlantic to implement a mobile solution - the Mobile Retail Suite


Tlantic mantains focus on Iberian Peninsula and Brazil

Tlantic mantains focus on internationalization, with special attention to the Iberian Peninsula and Brazilian market, adapting and renewing their products


Technology as the solution to problems in retail

Last thursday (05/10), a gathering of retail representatives has kicked off the 4th edition of The Everywhere Store Conference and promoted the exchange of experiences on using technology to solve problems in retail.


The Retail of the Future: TES Conference is presented at Event

Organized by the multinational retailer, Tlantic, the presentation of the 4th edition of the The Everywhere Store Conference (taking place in New York) is tomorrow in São Paulo, Brazil.

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