Software manages schedules scales

Drogaria Araujo is a business case for Tlantic


Discussion on Retail, Technology and labour reform on the LATAM Retail Show

In complex times for the brazilian market, with so much to talk about the new labour reform, Tlantic, a portuguese-brazilian company specialist on retail solutions, brought to the LATAM Retail Show a practical approach to how retailers can face that challenge, in a more assertive way, using Technology.


Positive results using the WFM solution strenghten the partnership between Tlantic and Radio Popular

The portuguese retailer increases productivity and is seeking to implement the WFM on all of their stores by the end of 2017


“THE STORE AS A SOCIAL NETWORK” will be the subject of the event THE EVERYWHERE STORE

The international conference advertised by Tlantic will take place on January 18, 2017, right after Retail’s BIG Show (NRF), in New York.


Tlantic guarantees its presence in the Retail’s BIG Show (NRF), in New York

Tlantic will present its value offer in the greatest world retail event in booth #2243.

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