The Everywhere Store Iberia Edition: the 6th edition of the conference takes place in Madrid

With the presence of important executives of the Iberian retail, and with the motto "Creating Worlds of Experience", The Everwhere Store is hosting a meeting in the Spanish capital on May 10th.


Tlantic's CEO interviewed by HiperSuper: "Long Live The Physical Store"

In an interview, Paulo Magalhães, CEO of the portuguese technology company present in five markets, predicts a long life for the physical stores.


The Everywhere Store 2018: special coverage on the portuguese magazine - Hipersuper

The physical edition of the portuguese magazine Hipersuper highlighted The Everywhere Store Conference in a special coverage of the retail weekend that took place in January, in New York.


ABRAS 2018: Tlantic will showcase solutions for retail operations

The Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (ABRAS) celebrates its 52nd edition this year and promises to hold the largest gathering of leaders in the Supermarket sector in Brazil. Once again, Tlantic, a multinational retail solutions company, will participate and present its portfolio.


Tlantic at ABRAS 2018

Tlantic consolidates its expertise in the Supermarket sector by taking, for the 5th consecutive year, its solutions and success stories to the ABRAS Convention that will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 19th to 21st of March.

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