The Everywhere Store 2018: interview with Tiago Simões (Sonae MC)

Tiago Simões, marketing director of Sonae, gave an interview to HiperSuper magazine, where he addressed his presentation in The Everywhere Store 2018 and the technology that supports the operations of the Continente network.


The Everywhere Store 2018: the key findings from the conference

The trends that were discussed by a group of industry professionals, who gathered in New York for another edition of the conference carried out by the Portuguese company - Tlantic.


The Everywhere Store 2018: the power of the physical store

The brazilian magazine Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios addressed The Everywhere Store Conference in its printed edition


Tlantic at NRF 2018: stores in the future of retail

Tlantic's CEO spoke with a Brazilian newspaper about the future of stores in the retail sector.


The Everywhere Store 2018: “Bonding, not Branding”. How to build a retail brand in the new digital economy

Just one day before of what is considered the largest retail fair in the world, Tlantic, a technology company for stores that emerged from the Sonae universe, held "The Everywhere Store" (TES), joining retailers and other sectors, around the motto "Creating Worlds of Experience".

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