COO de Tlantic interviewed by Venda Mais Magazine (Brazil): how to achieve efficiency and productivity

To understand the transformations of retail and learn a little more about how Tlantic acts in the market, take a look at the interview with Marcelo Tupan, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company.


Lidl manages work schedules with Tlantic solution

The search for greater in-store efficiency, with costs reduction and optimization of resources, as well as the concern to ensure a better balance between the professional and personal life of the employees, has led Lidl to establish a partnership with Tlantic, an international company specialist in retail solutions.


Lidl will manage work shifts of its employees with Tlantic solution

Lidl Portugal will deploy Tlantic's Workforce Management solution in all its stores.


NRF 2019: Interview with Paulo Magalhães, CEO of Tlantic

In an interview for the Brazilian publication NoVarejo, Paulo Magalhães shared his vision on the retail sector, from the standpoint of the store and the contact with the customer.


The Everywhere Store 2019: What happens to the customer when their digital journey is interrupted

Tom Gruen, a researcher at the University of New Hampshire, showcased his investigation on the effects of interrupted digital shopping journeys during The Everywhere Store 2019.

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