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Sales Assistant™
Sales Assistant
The Assisted Sales Mobile Solution!

  • Transform any employee into your best salesperson;
  • Provide greater ability to your sales team with the mobile application capable of offering all the necessary information to improve performance and increase sales.

Compatible with any mobile device, the Sales Assistant allows the seller to assist the customer with respect to several possible sales scenarios. Sales Assistant is a tool that accompanies the seller, from consulting the item’s detailed information, services and support operations, until the reservation and sales effectuation. In the "World of Attention" is increasingly important for retailers to not only attract customers to their stores, but use the best means of communication to ensure customer's satisfaction and thereby maximize sales and customer loyalty.
  • Catalogue and items search.
  • Lists (Campaigns, Promotions, News, WIN products).
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling (accessories, resemblances, associated services).
  • Privileged pre-sales information (Shopping and Social feedback: rating and customers’ comments).
  • Information on customers/customer loyalty programs (integration with CRM systems).
  • Order and items reservation (Shopping basket).
  • Integration with consumption credit entities (payments simulation and calculation).
  • Integration with central POS and mobile payment systems.
  • Sales performance dashboard. 
IDC EHI World Retail Awards CMMI