Worforce Management

Point of Sale

Tlantic Store Sales Services™
Much more than a simple POS!

Multi-insignia POS system, prepared for our business’ distinct moments and dimensions!
Real time control of your stores´multiple operations, with a competent solution, easy to integrate with central systems, and highly compatible with the existing hardware.

Tlantic Store Sales Services is a robust Point of Sale, which is also scalable and easy to parameterize, according to each business’ specificities. Gifted with failure tolerance mechanisms, allows the retailer to enhance contact with the customer, optimizing store front operations management.

• Independent from hardware
• Modular
• Easy to locate on every region
• Able to manage information in real time
• Integrates with all technologic systems in the store

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COMMUNICATION WITH THE CUSTOMERConfigurable customer display and receipts layout to make communication mechanisms more flexible.

PROMOTIONAL ENGINE Complete and inclusive promotional mechanism to allow for advantages over the competition through the implementation of different promotion types, combining direct and differed discounts, as well as association with a customer loyalty mechanism.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMS Real time integration with customer loyalty programs to accumulate and use discounts. Customer loyalty mechanism supported on a physical card or on smartphones.

PURCHASE EXPERIENCE Integration with queues kill-off technologies, pre-sales and self-service to improve the customer’s purchase experience reducing the time spent at the checkout, maintaining the whole business logic within Tlantic Store Sales Services at all times.

SALES & CONTROL Specific module for point of sales information consolidation and to allow the store management to supervise the operations in an easy and central manner, managing the alerts issued by the system by exception. Offers reports with operational management information to follow-up the online evolution of the store management variables (sales, stock ruptures, productivity, payment methods).

IDC EHI World Retail Awards CMMI