Tlantic Workforce Management

Schedule review, planning and
management. The right person, in
the right place, at the right time.

How is your employees’ relationship with your clients?

And your relationship with your employees?

And what if your customer's satisfaction, the motivation of your employees and the productivity of the store increased simultaneously?


In store Excellence

| Human resource solution that estimates work needs, schedules and schedules management.

| It plans the allocation of its employees, based on the forecast of the number of customers who visit the store.

| Scales employees with the most appropriate qualifications and benefits from their versatility in favor of business efficiency.

| Ensures full compliance with current legislation, corporate rules and employment contracts.




+ Customer satisfaction

| More qualified and motivated employees.

| Best customer response.

| Reduction of front office lines.

| Reduced service time.

| Better customer perception.

+ Employee motivation

| Flexibility for schedule management.

| More quality of life.

| Lower turn over.

+ Sales

| More sales.

| Lower service costs.

| Greater operational efficiency.

| Reduction of absenteeism.

| Exclusion of the risk of legal non-compliance.

Payback < 12 months

Success Cases

Logotipo da Parfois

More productivity and efficiency in Parfois stores in Portugal

Logotipo da PanVel Farmácias

Lidl | Tlantic Workforce Management is implemented in the German retail chain Lidl

Logotipo da Drogaria Araújo

More sales in the Drogaria Araujo chain with Tlantic Workforce Management