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Por Tlantic
Data: 03-09-2021

Today, more than ever, retailers use digital solutions in their omni-channel strategy to achieve greater autonomy and operational efficiency, whether in physical stores or any other point of sale. The effective connection between the physical and the digital world continues the great mission of the food retail sector.

The industry revolution is imminent and will reach almost all distribution sectors. The automation of processes and the technological revolution in the omnichannel universe will make it possible to offer innovative services, making the shopping experience much more enriching. In addition, digital transformation is responsible for empowering retailers through data, with a great management tool.

With regard to the food sector, it is already certain that supermarkets must continue to invest in the implementation of logistics software that allow them to optimize their operations in order to be able to focus on the consumer and their employees. These solutions should complement all stages of the store's process, from the internal management of timetables, management of the store's operational information, to the integration of the cash front and loyalty programs.

In this sense, it can be said that Tlantic was born based on this perm and that it can help companies in different ways. Through advanced management software, our customers can optimize processes and create their path to digital transformation with the latest technology in the retail sector, thus achieving greater efficiency between the digital and physical worlds.

Without the change needed to move towards an omni-channel strategy, traditional companies in the sector will likely be surpassed by an increasingly digitized competence. Although e-commerce and the physical store are neither opposite nor mutually exclusive, the limits and complementarity between the two are what give rise to the new Retail.