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Por Tlantic
Data: 06-09-2021

Behind technological solutions there are people who execute them.

Understanding the modus operandi of a company is the foundation of everything. Knowing the inner workings of a supermarket or pharmacy, for example:

• What are the busiest times;

• How to replenish stock more quickly, without overloading stores with unnecessary products;

• How to assign employees to areas where they are most needed at certain times of the day;

• How to compute everything that is on the shelves, checking product expiration dates;

• When is the time to do some promotion so that the stock decreases on a particular product.

All these factors will make a difference in the success of the business.

All these tasks are done only by intelligent BI software, but by specialists in stock, logistics, managers, employees who need to be involved and motivated, that they can count on the necessary infrastructure to develop their work in an efficient, agile and intelligent way.

In addition to all these factors that seem obvious, one cannot forget that modernity brings rapid changes, technology has advanced with digitization and transformations have been accelerated by the need imposed by a pandemic that no one expected would appear.

Companies needed to reinvent themselves, the way of consuming, selling and doing business changed. Innovation has never been so present and, today, we are already experiencing a different trade, which requires much more from employees, who are no longer automatons to act as consultants to customers at the time of purchase. That they manage, through the way they conduct the sales processes, to be the differential for the sale to be consecrated.

The payment system itself, for example, is slowly changing and, very soon, all people will do the self checkout alone without the help of employees at the checkouts. These people, who now register bar codes to make the collection, will take over internal posts in supermarkets and stores. Payment will be fully automated, simple and secure. And these previously underutilized employees will be able to develop and improve their roles in organizations and have greater gains.

As Jack MA, chairman of the Alibaba Group said, “the new retail is the integration of online, office, logistics and data into a single value chain†. Only in this way will companies be able to grow in the market, in various sectors of activity, generating more and more jobs, preparing employees for this new way of operating: intelligent, agile, which follows processes with strategy, as it has collection and analysis tools assertive data, which not only manage the business, but also help the people behind this technology.