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What is Workforce Management after all and what are the main advantages for the retail sector?

Por Tlantic
Data: 18-10-2021

Workforce Management, or as it is better known, WFM, is the institutional process that maximizes the performance and competence levels of companies and their workforces. This management process includes all the necessary aspects to maintain a more productive workforce, carrying out the management of services, human resources, performance and training, data collection and analysis, recruitment, budgeting, forecasting, scheduling and analysis.

WFM is sometimes referred to as HRM systems, or workforce asset management, or parts of ERP systems. However, it must be understood that WFM provides a performance-based set of tools and software to support corporate management, such as front-line supervisors, store managers, and workers in distribution, transportation, and retail manufacturing operations.

This process was developed from a traditional approach to employee schedules, to improve time management and schedules. It has become more integrated and driven by the quest to optimize employees' hours. And you can also incorporate:

• Forecasting the workload and team required;

• Involvement of employees in the process of preparing timetables;

• Management of working hours and accounts;

• Analysis and monitoring of the entire process

The main advantages for retail:

• More sales;

• More productivity;

• More Efficiency;

• Reduction of Operating Costs;

• More Customer Satisfaction

The main advantages for the manager:

• More flexibility for managing working hours;

• Less time dedicated to managing work schedules;

• Absenteeism reduction;

• Greater Workload vs Team Forecast available;

• Elimination of the risk of legal non-compliance

The main advantages for the employee:

• Greater Flexibility for the Management of working hours;

• Better personal and professional balance;

• Lower turnover;

• Greater operational efficiency

Discover the Tlantic Workforce Management solution here and see how this process and solution can be applied in practice.