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BLACK FRIDAY: 5 tips to prepare your store and gain operational efficiency

Por Tlantic
Data: 11-11-2021

Organizing the company for a big date is a challenge, especially when it comes to Black Friday, the second biggest retail sale, second only to Christmas. And that preparation starts much earlier, with the organization of stock, security strategies and the employees' work schedule, for example. All this to ensure effective management of sales and customer service.

We would like to help you prepare your business for that big moment! It is like?

1. Get an overview of the store, preferably with real-time information. This is essential for stock control, replenishment, price and product label management, price divergence management, label printing, expiration dates, among others.

2. Monitor your store's daily tasks during Black Friday. This lowers operating costs and operating time.

3. Optimize the time of managers, in a way that facilitates the organization of schedules and shifts, as well as attendance at the store and creation of schedules based on business needs.

4. Make decisions based on real data and with a strategic vision. This serves both for the management of employees, as for the stock of products for Black Friday.

5. Promote your team's involvement and turn each employee into a high-performance agent. The motivation of your employees impacts your customer satisfaction and store productivity.

For this, having the ideal tools on your side becomes essential. Discover all the specialized retail solutions we have with a focus on increasing in-store efficiency and productivity.