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Our Solutions


Workforce Management

Forecasting, planning and time management


Mobile Retail

Operational management of the store through mobility


Store Sales Services

Store Front Office

The store in the digital age

We are influenced and influencing the concept of the physical store as the center where everything happens. We operate from the store floor - with systems that facilitate operations, with employee management and with advanced POS systems and in-store mobility applications.

We analyze processes and develop the best strategies for the specific needs of the retailer.

We offer more information on store operation with real-time data access and streamline processes to make quick business decisions.

We help manage schedules, adjustments and exceptions to work schedules. We allow employees to manage and balance their professional and personal lives.

With more motivated employees and adequate and efficient operating processes, customers are more satisfied and the retailer gains more sales.


"Mobility is the critical factor for the success of retail today. The implementation of Tlantic Mobile Retail allows us to be much more present on the store floor and respond to all our customers' requests, without having to travel to the warehouses. The backstage era is over. Our employees are also much happier to do what they like with the information in the palm of their hand. For this reason, this tool has made the service to our customers much easier, much more reliable in the data we have, and this will really allow us to remain competitive and better than others."

Elisabete Silva, Head of Store Operations Mo & Zippy | Sonae S&F

Logotipo da MO

"This application is new to our company’s food retail area. It allows us to be closer to our customers, with our collaborators performing tasks that previously we had to do at the warehouse. We are extremely pleased with the results we have with this solution working out of the palm of our hand. We can check prices if the customer asks, and we can do all the supply chain tasks, including IGL, through the same application. And most of all, any worker has access to this application through his smartphone, without the need for a VPN. It is indeed a great asset for us, and we believe it will mark the coming years of the food retail."

Miguel Andrade, Store Director Continente | Sonae MC

Logotipo do Continente

"Front-office management is now a much more up-to-date reality, more dynamic and more adjusted to the needs of store operations. Comparing it to a not to distant past, in which we didn’t have a very dynamic and heavy systems, which required the presence of employees and his tasks, always very attached to control and supervision functions. Today, with Tlantic Store Sales Services, we have the possibility to manage more autonomously, from the point of view of an operator's work in his front-office location, at his cash register and we have the possibility to carry out supervision of operations every second of its course, from a central control tower. We are able to understand everything that is happening in each of the registers."

João Melo, Continente Operations Director | Sonae MC

Logotipo do Continente

"The introduction of the Tlantic Workforce Management tool in the Lidl stores aimed to identify the number of employees needed to meet our customer’s needs. We shouldn’t forget that, with the introduction of the tool, we also found that the time our store managers spent on drafting the work plans was substantially reduced."

Dionísio Santos, Head of IT Lidl Portugal

Logotipo do Lidl

"We chose Tlantic Workforce Management to take advantage of its sales and activity forecasting methods to calculate and maintain the ideal employee schedule by Store. Integrating schedule planning, time management and absenteeism in a single tool will allow us to receive online alerts and act by exception. Everything complies with the legislation and is portable, being available on our managers and employees smartphones. It will greatly increase the efficiency of PANVEL’s operations management and contribute to an improvement in our customer service."

Tatiana Alves Jardim, Personal Administration, SESMT and Environment Manager Panvel | Grupo DIMED

Logotipo da Panvel Farmácias

"After understanding our employees, we wanted to understand our client's behavior. Through the graphics, we noticed that the positioning of our employees wasn’t happening in the best way. So, this was one of the main benefits of TWFM for us. For example, before, the average sale was R$ 46.00. Now, after implementing the solution, our average is R$ 48.40. A salesman of ours who sold 4.1 times more than self-service, now sells 5 times more. The sales quality has risen substantially."

Sílvia Araujo, Administrative Director Drogaria Araujo

Logotipo da Drogaria Araujo

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