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Mobile Retail Suite
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Tlantic Mobile Retail Suite (MRS) transforms store operations while boosting staff performance and customer experience. This interoperable and modular system transforms complex retail operations into simple and flexible tasks.

It accelerates your business mobile strategy while protecting previous IT investments. It allows customer shopping, directly from their phones, inside or outside the store.

Operating across all business processes, MRS mobilizes retail operations, from the distribution center to the shop floor, through the customer's smartphone.
This retail orchestrator benefits the dialogue between business systems and the solution applications, while respecting the most rigorous connectivity, security and performance challenges.

Guarantee a 360º vision of your business.
Engage your customer anytime, anywhere.

  • Optimize operations through the effective management and seamless execution of processes
  • Multi-device and multi-platform applications (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Easy customization architecture
  • Modular, scalable and evolutionary suite
  • Optimized information for the various applications
  • Flexible Suite. Easily connected to any backend systems.

Facilite a interação com o cliente em qualquer momento, em qualquer lugar!

  • Acesse a informação detalhada dos produtos, dentro e fora da loja
  • Acesse a cupões digitais e listas de compra
  • Melhor experiência de compra
  • + Fidelização

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Improve customer interaction anytime, anywhere!
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  • Enhance your client shopping experience
  • Detailed product information
  • Access to digital coupons and shopping lists
  • + Customer loyalty
  • + Customer engagement
Real time store management. Directly from the shop floor.
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  • + Store operations efficiency
  • + Time for customer service and + Efficient and dynamic promotions
  • Less shrinkage and out of stock
  • Better stock management
  • Price accuracy and end of expiration dates violation
  • + Productivity + Motivation + Satisfaction + Engagement
Turn your salesperson into a specialist at the swipe of a finger
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  • Access to detailed customer information
  • Full product catalogue
  • Extensive pre-sales support (script support)
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling: products and services
  • Shopping
  • Mobile Payment
  • Product comparison
Hub-management system for multi-channel customer orders
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  • Planning, optimization and control of the picking process
  • Cross-docking between stores
  • Productivity and performance analysis
  • Optimized inStore order picking
  • Invoice system integration
support tool
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  • Replace back office tasks by providing real-time information (alerts and performance indicators dashboards)
  • Multiple sections and workflows
  • Multi insignia
  • - Bureaucracy + Productivity + Efficiency
The power of mobility in optimising goods and logistic assets transportation.
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  • Better route planning
  • Accurate asset tracking (cages, pallets)
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Maximizes reverse logistics efficiency
  • + Efficiency in logistic and management processes
  • + Control of deliveries + Shared knowledge + Integration + Productivity
Increase your knowledge about the people who enter or pass your store:
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  • Track the paths taken and analyse the activities of the people that come into your store;
  • Communicate in a direct and personal way with your customers via mobile APP messaging (push notifications and In-app messages).
  • With the operational and analytics dashboards,optimise customer service operations and the allocation of your staff; increase your team's productivity.
  • Based on smart Heatmaps, react and improve the store layout: i.e. the space, range and dispaly of all merchandise especially the location of all promotions.


"This was a multi-faceted solution, involving a cross-functional team. Given the complexity of the solution, the 90 day roll-out was a remarkable achievement. (...) The project is on-target to deliver a full ROI within 10 months of the "go live" date. Importantly, we have also achieved our goal of a future-proof, enterprise-wide mobility platform. The project represents a huge step change in our supply chain optimisation and provides many opportunities for further improvements."

Stephen Bennett
Supply Chains Systems Manager of Musgrave
"With Tlantic we have developed several innovative retail initiatives. We were successful in extending the e-commerce customer experience into the area of mobility, with a first experience of m-commerce Customer interaction in 2012. At Pão de Açúcar we are committed to mobility as a facilitator to sustain operational excellence."

Ney Santos
CIO of Pão de Açúcar Group
"Sonae’s implementation of Mobile Retail Suite has lifted operations to a new level. Information is now available where and when needed so we can use our time far more efficiently. Our mobile portal is now an integral tool in the operation of our stores."

João Amaral
Innovation Director at Sonae
EHI Retail Institute IDC Analyze the Future World Retail Awards - Top 5 Finalist 2012
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