Tlantic Store Sales Services

Store front office.
Solution with innovative and
advanced functionality guides
to optimize the customer's
shopping experience.

What do you offer to improve your customer's experience inside the store?

Imagine an advanced promotional system, which integrates with external services, supports, various forms of payment and customer loyalty.


Front office Integrated in store

| Optimizes the customer's shopping experience in the store.

| Modular, flexible and service-oriented architecture, promoting the integration of corporate applications.

| Works with all IT elements in the store, such as price-checkers, scales and mobile devices.

| Uses the same solution for stores of any size and industry, regardless of hardware.



+ Customer satisfaction

| Clear communication at the point of sale.

| Reduced time spent in lines.

| Various payment methods.

| Better customer service and experience.

| More positive overall impact on customer perception.

+ Employee motivation

| User-friendly in a single environment.

| More agility with the ability to accelerate store sales teams.

| Faster response times in operations.

+ Sales

| All store information in an integrated system.

| Easy implementation, which does not impact the store's performance during implementation.

| Modular and service-oriented architecture.

| Increased operational efficiency.

| Reduced operating costs and uptime.

| Total compliance with current legislation.

Success Cases

Logotipos da Mo e da Zippy

Tlantic Store Sales Services is implemented in all stores of the Sonae Fashion chain in Portugal

Logotipos da Sprinter, Sport Zone e Iberian Sports Retail Group

More productivity and confidence on the front office at Iberian Retail Group stores in Iberia

Logotipo da Sonae

Operational benefits on results with TSSS across the Sonae MC network