Sales FAQ

On which devices can I have the app?
Sales is available for several mobile platforms. The app runs on 7” tablets or above, and on the 3 main operating systems (iOS 6 or above, Android 4 or above and Windows Phone or Window tablet 8). MRS Sales has been developed using the latest responsive design technology: The app has been developed in order to allow all its elements to automatically adjust to the screen width, as well as the mobile devices orientation.

Which extra activities can the merchandisers and sellers team perform, besides searching and selling items?
The app is composed by a variety of features, grouped into business processes associated to the on-store sales support. For example, some feature groups are: Flexible payment options, sales support scripts, sales close, and payment, tasks management, and sales force performance.The app includes integration with e-commerce, CRM and training (mobile learning). For more information, see the product "Features" section.

Is Sales compatible with any ERP and e-commerce sites?
MRS Sales runs on the Mobile Retail Suite platform that allows for integrating with any external systems, such as for example, ERPs, inventory management, e-commerce systems, customer management and loyalty, etc.

Integration processes must be configured according to the particularities of the system to be integrated, and the integration protocols (real time – services or batch mode) in use by the retailer’s systems architecture.

Can I add features (according to my company’s needs) to the App’s current business processes?
MRS Sales allows for easily extending business features by developing new services in MRS Server. These are viewed as a configuration and an extension of the product's base services.

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