Workforce Management™ FAQ

How does Tlantic WFM allow for decreasing/eliminating fines related to labor claims based on work schedules?
The schedules creation algorhythm ensures a strict fulfillment of the employee’s contract parameters, as well as all the parameters set in the system.

Does Tlantic WFM allow for estimating the amount of resources, based on my store’s demand estimate?
Yes, Tlantic WFM has been developed in Retail and, from its first versions, had the goal of adjusting the section’s resources to demand. The product’s module 1 is dedicated to calculating needs.

Is Tlantic WFM a modular solution? Is it possible to acquire only a few modules of the solution?
Yes. Tlantic WFM is a product conceived with two workforce management moments in mind:

  • Planning - Calculating needs, automatically creating and adjusting schedules, based on the knowledge of long term events;
  • Execution - Managing teams’ daily routines, with team leaders focused on management, responding to their day by day needs. This moment also includes managing tasks, time management solution and online payrolls pre-calculation;

From our point of view, and depending on the dimension and specific features of store teams, there’s a possibility to install only the modules that best respond to each clients specific needs.

With Tlantic WFM can I manage several types of different work contracts?
Yes, there’s no limitation at this level. The system is able to manage, together and indistinctly, full-time, part-time and temp contracts. All employees are processed as a whole, regardless from the contract type.

Is it possible to have more than one company of the same group in a single product installation?
Yes, the product is ready with multi-company and multi-insignia concepts, which allow for ensuring the parallel existence of a unique system within the same group.

Does the Tlantic WFM product allow for using Multi-Skill concepts?
Yes, the product ensures the use of multi-skill resources, as long as employees are registered as such.

As for time management, can the Tlantic solution be integrated with my current clock-in model?
Currently, Tlantic has had experience in integrating with most clock-in hardware suppliers. Your model is probably included in the already certified models.

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